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If you are a small business owner or you have a startup idea in mind, then the 4321 Startup Magazine is for you. It’s got everything you ever need to know about building a stronger base for your business from the start, make informed decisions and take rather intelligent actions required to build your business into a profitable venture.

We understand there are a number of business gurus in the market telling you what you ought to do here and there. Trust us, we’re not that. The 4321 Startup Magazine is far from being a business guru. What we are in fact is a helping guide for business startups. If you have knowledge and an idea about a venture, we can help you take a decision about how to set it up profitably online. Our magazine is focused on helping people understand what is the best thing they can do online. We help people discover their passions and then translate it into a full-fledged brand online. We bring people information through which they can translate the immense power of the internet and their passion into a fully branded business that will likely earn them profits in the future. We know startups have zero base and it’s all on theory. Building a reputation is extremely difficult and a person cannot seem to that without proper knowledge. That is where we step in. We provide our readers with timely information and proper advice that they need to know about running a successful brand all by themselves. We don’t tell you what you ought to do and what you ought to advice. But in fact we lay down all cards in front of you openly so that you can make an informed choice and take effective actions, which will benefit your business.

We understand the potential of an online business. If you are focusing on a global audience, you can target whoever you want and make sure your business reaches people you want to. We give you special insights on how you can get the attention of your target market and turn them into potential clients for your business. In short we’ve got it all covered for you in our magazine. Just download it and reap the benefits of knowing how you can build a successful business online.

Jeffrey De Laure / Founder

Trained as an MBA, Jeffrey De Laure is a former corporate sales professional turned consultant and entrepreneur. He is the publisher of 4321startup Magazine which helps many individuals get started with their businesses.

He built 4321Startup.com as a meeting point for supportive and like-minded individuals getting started on their first entrepreneurial journey.


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